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What are the payment options?
At the moment supported payment methods are: bank account transfer (from some countries only), we are working on a new Payment provider.
I want to join. When I send the money, when will I be able to access the memberzone? And until when?
Your memberzone account will be activated the moment the money arrives to us. Depending on the payment method, it can take from few minutes (the most typical situation) up to couple of days (in case of checks).
The period starts to count from the moment of account activation, not the moment of your payment.
Is it possible to buy another subscription while the previous one is still active?
Yes, it is perfectly possible. If you use the same e-mail or payment account, your active subscription will be prolonged by the appropriate time interval.
Otherwise new memberzone account will be created valid as any other new subscription.
Are there any currency conversion or other fees?
Nope, all the prices are final. Of course if Euro is not your account currency the current exchange rate of your bank or card provider will apply.
I have a problem XYZ not covered by these questions. What should I do?
Please use the form on the contact page. Describe your problem or wish and we will answer as soon as possible.
What's your privacy policy?
While we store some information about the members like e-mail, first name, country, username and password (hashed) for the purpose of account administration we will NEVER disclose this information outside.
We DO NOT store your credit card number; actually we don’t even receive it from the payment handler.
We are sorry, when the member requests the termination, subscription fees are NOT refundable.